The basic principle of Bit Torrent is that in order to get a file, you're also forced to share the same file back to others at the same time. In short, the more people contributing, the better. For this project to really take off, we need a lot of people willing to create .torrent files very soon after they get the MP3s or CD (which would get turned into SHNs).

First of all, go here and download completedir-1.0.1.exe


Then run it:

It'll just be an icon on your start menu, if it's not there hit the two down arrows at the bottom of the list and it should show your entire start menu:

Now that you have completedir running, click the select button and choose the directory you'd like to torrent up.


Important note: We're dealing with 2 folders, with ~15 songs in each. In order to create one .torrent file that will cover all the files you want to include (presumably the entire show, and the text info file), it is imperative that you have a folder structure matching the one in this example:


In completedir, when you choose the directory, make sure to choose the GRANDFATHER FOLDER. Completedir will make a torrent file for everything in the folder you select. If you select the GRANDFATHER FOLDER, it will select the FATHER FOLDER only. That's what we want. If you select the FATHER FOLDER, it will make 3 torrent files - one for disc 1, one for disc 2, and one for the text file you'll create for the fileset. We don't want that. If you're making an mp3 fileset, follow the same procedure, but substitute 'mp3' for 'shn' in all examples. Once you have set the folder, change the announce url to

Don't worry about the piece size, leave it at the default 2 ** 18.

Should look something like below. Now select "make."

Lastly, go to the directory where the original file was...

...and you'll find nice little .torrent files for each file.

Now, execute the BitTorrent file, and when it asks where you want to save, pick the same directory as where the original file is.

It will scan the file (checking if it needs to be resumed but of course it won't since it's already done). It'll say "done," at which point you'll be ready to upload.

This is the time when you MAKE SURE you leave Bit Torrent open. It'll say "finished" but as soon as someone gets your .torrent you'll see your upload climbing - first, however, you need to upload the .torrent file for public access, otherwise you'll be hosting a file that nobody else has access to. For that, return to the main page and see Step 3.

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